Singer - Songwriter

Two Thousand & Sixteen

With a very successful 2015 wrapped up, and a new year under way there will also be a new focus, some new music, more content, maybe even a new face of the "band"! 

I completed my goal for the number of shows I wanted to book and play in 2015. Brian 'Switch' and I have developed a great flow in the practice room and on stage. Now it is time to start writing again. I love playing covers but I'm beginning to feel the itch to make some original music again. 

As of today we have at least 3 brand new songs we have been working on and are hoping to have a single out in the next few months, maybe even a video! 

As always, thanks everyone for the support and for the amazingness all of last year. Here's hoping 2016 will get even better! 


First Update

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking in on me. I've been busy preparing for a summer of music. With Patterns EP completed and released I am going to start focusing on the live music side of things by booking shows across the North East towards the end of the summer. If there is a venue you want me to play close by to you get in touch and let me know! I'd love to come say hey. 

Stay tuned for dates to come!